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Hobblitt rellease/pull trigger for sx-1-SOLD

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I have a Hobblitt release trigger that somebody managed to make/change into a pull trigger. I do not know how they did it or iff it can be converted back. The trigger has rust in some places and I will post pics soon.

You will be taking a gamble. I have not ried to convert it back or know what would be required to make it into a release. I will sell it for 200.00. Jeff
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I was sent this via PM from another man who owns a Hobblit.

It may be that someone just has it all out of adjustment. The more I think about it, the more I think I'm right. The block on the rear of the assembly(the block held on with two cap screws),has a whole in the center. Down through that hole is a spring and a very small set screw. That set screw is how you adjust the amount of engagement of the sear. Try turning that set screw. I'm not sure if you would turn in or out to allow the sear to set. You might want to play with it some. I use a Hoblitt release in my SX-1 and have adjusted it before,to the point that it would not set. It has been quite a while since then and I just don't remember which way to turn the set screw.
i will give you $150.00 for the triger joe 928 219 5932 is my cell call anytime
i hit the wrong numbers its 928 210 5932 sorry joe
Get that screw turned Jeff, might raise the price.
hi again i need triger for parts if it won"t work the way you think by ajusting the screw give a call we can talk joe 928 210 5932 joe
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