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High Volume Shooting

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I'm sure this will generate a number of different views/experiences, but my experience in this area is zero so I welcome all opinions. I'm planning a trip to Argentina for a high volume dove shoot. We'll be renting their guns and they list some that I don't know anything about. I've looked on the Beretta and Benelli web sites but even if they list the guns (and they don't list some of these) I'm really looking for any recommendations/experiences with these guns in 20/28 ga. in the planned environment. I believe these are all semi-autos.
-AL391 Urika

-Super 90

Thanks very much for your inputs.
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The 391 Beretta is the Gold Standard for this type of shooting. I know folks who have shot 2500+ rds a day on doves, and for that you need a gun that has little recoil.

The 20 is the way to go. The 28 is more expensive to shoot, and has less range.
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