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High School Trap

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Pat, we had four young shooters come over to my small one trap club to practice the week before the Nationals, up in Michigan. Their parents said they wanted to come to our club because they heard we threw ATA standard birds. I do calibrate our trap to ATA standards. They wanted the kids to practice on a trap set to those standards, since that’s what they were going to be seeing at the Nationals. All I can say is those kids could really shoot. All the guys shooting that evening even remarked how well they could shoot. Congratulations to our youth, who participate in high school trap shooting.

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Pat and Chief, just under 1800 young shooters participated at the Michigan Trapshooting Association in the USA Clay Target League National Championships. On Saturday, we had about 6,000 people on the grounds. It was really great to see so much safe shooting. Can they shoot, absolutely yes!!
The winning 5 person team shot 969/1000, which is just plain good shooting. Come on out next year, we can always use more volunteers.
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