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The naysayers of the kids shooting give me a pain. They are the greatest thing that has happened to our sport. You complain that they are gone after graduation BUT here comes a new group behind them every year. There are thousands of kids shooting every year High school, AIM, SCPT and 4 H and have made a difference as to whether clubs and state assoc. survive. You have planted a seed in that child that may bring them back to shooting in the future. If 1 or 2 percent come back that’s a whole lot more than you have new members joining now. Also how many family members take up the sport because of child shooting?

I know personally of two young men who have returned after years of being away from it and have brought their kids to the sport. Both are coaching a youth team today.

Quit bitching about them and work out some arrangement where they provide some free labor around the club therefore earning those discounted targets.

The youth is our and the country’s future.

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