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Have you ever seen this happen at a shoot?

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I went to my local gun club yesterday to shoot the 30 bird event. While at the club I heard a conversation about something that neither shooter or myself ever witnessed at a tournament shoot.

None of us ever witnessed anyone ever challenging someones shells and the club actually checking that persons shells to inspect them.

When I first got into trapshooting I always heard that if a club wants to check your loads they can take two shells but they have to replace the shells with new shells. Is this true, and if it is, has anyone ever been to a shoot that this actually happened to you or another shooter?
Steve Balistreri
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In all the time I've been trap shooting, I've never seen it done, nor have I ever heard of it being done.

Same here, I am starting to think this is a myth.
Saw it once at a Skeet shoot, it was .410. Jeff
we've had it happen to some game shooters, we only allow 7.5 max

Don't have but limited experience at trap shoots and have never seen it done in my limited experiece.

At least one author has reported a fair amount of variation in factory loads as to the shot size.

Wonder how that would work into the shot shell challenge ?

I've never seen it either but I know a guy who used to shoot Remington Nitro Gold at ATA shoots, said right on the box that they weren't ATA legal but he got away with it anyway?
Yes, I have seen it done. Once. The shell checked out to be a legal load.
I have had my shells checked playing games... Some people don't like big flames! Lol.

I knew I was pushing the limits and after the chrono test they kindly asked me to back them down.

Dropped 1.5 grains of Longshot from the recipe and I was back under 1290fps.

Longshot goes BOOOOOOOM no matter how hot you load it!

When I first started shooting, one local club made you use the club shells in shoot offs. Don't know the reason. Bill
I had my empties checked at The Grand maybe 20 years ago. A little different than actually checking the shells. Back when this occurred, the ATA officials actually spent time on the fields looking for things and keeping the shoot running. I had been shooting different brands of shells for different events and had torn up a Remington box and put Rem shells in a Federal box. I had shot a field and when I came off the field a line referee asked to see my shells. He had noticed the box and the empties did not match. He did check to make sure the empties were new. Back in that era, a Mr. P from Ohio was involved in a singles shoot off at the Grand. During the shoot off he was using reloads and was disqualified, his excuse was he shot new shells during the event but did not realize he was required to use new shells in a shoot off.

The sound of a shell taken from the same factory box varies a lot based on what gun it is shot from.

A ported short barrel makes a shell sound very loud.

I have a 48-inch long barrel which makes any shell sound quiet.

Using sound to measure shot velocity (legality) ain't too accurate.

If this was ever enforced most people shooting reclaimed shot would be in violation and disqualified. There always seems to be some #6 shot mixed in from hunters practicing and some of the long range games played at many clubs. Years ago a shooter here us to shoot International loads with nickel plated shot at the handicap events. The shooters themselves confronted him and told him to leave and he did because he knew he was cheating.
Back in the 80's I was shooting at the Grand and on one of my handicap events there were some reloads on the ground from a previous squad.

I asked Vic Reinders one time why we had to purchase new shells at the grand? He told me part of the reason is that was a money maker for them.

I have not shot the grand in Sparta yet, do you still have to shoot new shells that are purchased on Grounds? Also do they still allow you to purchase once fired hulls for $3.00 a case?
Yes at a league shoot, one shooter was using Remington Nitro Sporting loads @ 1300 fps clearly not ATA legal.
For clarification sake, the Mr. P. that jt27 maybe refering to is not this Mr.P. Sucks, I'm so legal that I still have those tags on my pillows that say, "Do not remove under penality of law."

Keep Your Head Down and Follow Through,

Harold T. Pack
Yes, we had a guy that was shooting reloads that were just chest thumping loud. He was taking aside by shoot mgmt and asked to keep his shells to ATA legal specs. He was not in contention to win anything anyway.

BTW, interesting note on the international shells. Not all 24grm shells have copper coated shot, but some certainly do. I hadn't thought of that, but it certainly is in the rule book.
Let me change that not sucks but sHucks, I'm so legal that I ... speling wus nevar mi stng soot.

Keep Your Head Down and Follow Through,

Harold T. Pack
Circa 1976 I saw the ATA Line Referee, during a handicap, (I can't remember his name but it was something like Cliff or Cletus) and he noticed a guy on the squad ahead of me was shucking out some pretty burned up old paper reloads to the ground. He let him finish the round and then took him aside and told his squad to continue without him. I never found out what happened to the shooter.
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