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Hard Gun Case Recommendations?

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OK, a little OT - sorry :(

When I go to my various local league shoots, many shooters carry their hard cases into the club, find a table, and then assemble their guns, etc. After shooting, they clean their guns with supplies brought in their case with the gun. All good.

I have been carrying my guns to the clubs in a soft case in the back of my Jeep & cleaning when I get back home.

I shoot vintage guns and am not interested in frequent take-down & reassembly. What I'm looking for is a hard case that I can use to carry my assembled gun & assorted cleaning gear. My longest gun is 52" (a Winchester Model 12 with a 32" barrel).

I don't necessarily need anything that locks or is robust enough for air shipment. I would appreciate any thoughts/recommendations.


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Pelican a two gun. It is large and heavy enough to have wheels. I had one but sold it a while back. You can custom cut the foam interior to whatever size fills your need.
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