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President Obama’s Parting Gift – the Green Pork Plan

The Washington Examiner claims President Obama is on the verge of stitching up a deal to pass a massive raft of green pork tax credits in the final weeks of his Presidency, after the November Presidential election.

Obama readies clean energy ‘end-game’

The White House is devising an “end-game” strategy to pass a suite of clean energy tax subsidies that were swept to the wayside in last December’s omnibus spending bill deal, said a top White House official.

The tax credits were not attached to last year’s spending bill, although the measure did include a landmark deal extending wind and solar subsidies for five years with an incremental phase out. The orphaned clean energy subsidies that were left out of the deal are for things like hydrogen fuel cells, renewable fuel infrastructure, geothermal and other alternative energy resources.

Attempts to include the extensions in other bills, including the Federal Aviation Administration’s reauthorization bill, collapsed earlier this year following a campaign by a number of free-market groups urging Republican lawmakers to oppose including what they referred to as “green pork” to the FAA bill.

He [Deese] explained that the administration is “working closely” with Senate and House Democratic leaders Harry Reid of Nevada and Nancy Pelosi of California, respectively, who “are very focused on that issue as well.”
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