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Greetings fellow shooters; Hello, The trapshooting season is almost here we are getting ready for Ata. Have you remembered your Gun Buddy? Remember last year how agravating it was when there was no place to rest your gun between shots? Wait a minute what else have we forgotten? The weather, rain. What is the worst thing for a gun? Rust, Our "Gun Buddy" is designed to help. Constructed of 5/8 in durable rubber with a powerful magnet it is the perfect alternative to holding your gun on the line. Ready to move to the next station place the gun barrel on the magnet and move, no need to bend over to retrive it. Forget to place the barrel on it, that is ok too our handy belt clip will bring it for you. For the aim shooters, Gun Buddy adds another safety level completely eliminating the chance of an accidental discharge that could lead to foot injury. That also holds true for the adults how many times have we seen shooters rest the barrel on their toes to fix a problem. No more scrambling to find a empty shell box to put over the barrel they get wet anyway.

Don't miss this opportunity get yours today. We are now offering a warrantee on "Gun Buddys" if they fail under normal use return magnet and rubber disk, we will send you a new one just pay shipping.

visit our website at

We are no longer offering the diamond plate we now have the regular charcoal the same pattern as the other colors
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