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Gun Art

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This is some art work I had done on my Browning. It is a one of kind, peice of art work. Pick your scene and have it done on your gun.
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I prefer to let my wood grain do the talking! Natural wood grain is art in itself. While I appreciate the painting, I'd rather nature at work!
I dunno... I think it has posibilities...



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I think painting a gun is fun, interesting, and personalizes "Old Betsy." The new hydro system turns a straight grain stock in to artwork. For a $100, make a gun stand out with fiddleback maple or rattle snake. You will surely get lots more comments (good & bad) than the pompous wood purists. You should have seen my sparky mint green PFS Ljutic at the Southern Grand a few years ago. It was the hit of the shoot. I must have had 50+ people stop and ask about it. Go for it, break the pattern.....
Why not paint it if it's a plain straight grain piece of wood?

<a href="¤t=2012-08-2516_34_55.jpg" target="_blank">
Pink Magenta
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this art work is overcoated with 4 cots of auto clear coat. If scrached it can be buffed out. Pick your artwork and have a one of a kind
I've see a few painted stocks and always leaves me feeling like the natural beauty of the wood grain has been spoiled. I find the "art" ion the checkering, wood grain / finish and engraving. That said some of the painted stocks are interesting.
Bruce, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And certainly fiddle back or birds eye maple as well as Turkish burl walnut is gorgeous, but very high end. Some of the painted or hydro'ed stocks on questionable wood or plastic is outstanding and art in itself. Just look at what all the young shooters are doing with their stocks, personalizing to their own tastes. All good..
If no one else will say it.

Love it man! Looks cool as hell!

Shoot well.

Jason Sheehy
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