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Some of the magazines typically used for hunting do not have decent magazine pouches available. Particularly for rimfire rifles that have mags shorter or longer than pistol magazines, or curved mags. Same for the short 10 round AR15 mags.

Grenade pouches are a good solution. And the MOLLE straps on the back allow the pouches to mate with MOLLE gear or fit on narrow to wide belts.

The particular pouches I'm using are:


NSN 8466-01-525-0589 ACU CAMO (This has a button front)

Also, these alternatives will work:

NSN 8465-01-465-2093 WOODLAND CAMO (This has a button front)

NSN: 8465-01-516-7967 COYOTE BROWN, USMC ISSUE (This has a buckle front)

Here are some images of grenade pouches with typical loadouts.

From front to back, left to right:

Closed pouch.

Back of pouch showing MOLLE straps.

Two ten round Savage 17 HMR mags with one box 17 HMR ammo.

Six 17 HMR ten round mags.

Two Savage Mark 2 ten round mags with two 50 round boxes of 22 LR.

Two 10-22 ten round mags with one 50 round box of 22 LR.

Four 10-22 ten round mags. (Note the bottom mags are placed feed lip down to prevent damage.)

Three 50 round boxes of 22 LR ammo. Lower two boxes vertical, top horizontal.

And centerfire, left to right.

Two Bushmaster 5-round metal AR15 mags. (An example is in front of the pouches.)

Two Magpul 10-round mags (in this case plugged to 5-rounds).

A dozen shotgun shells. Both 2-3/4" and 3" work. 3.5" is too long for horizontal, but will work if placed vertically, in which case the pouch holds nine.

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No, Chesty Puller taught marines to FISH with grenades...
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