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green duster formula's

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green duster formula

I am looking for a clay dot recipe that will allow for a green duster (1 oz) wad and cheddite primer in an STS hull. Alliant doesn't seem to have anything on their site, although they do have recipes using a Rem primer which should be interchangable from what I've read.

Anyone out there shooting clay dot with any of the other components listed?
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I use 17.2 grains of ClayDot in Remington hulls with 1 oz of shot. I have interchanged any medium primer, Fiocchi, Winchester, CCI, and any WAA12SL wad clone. I have used CB1100-12, Jammer XL1s, and DRA12 1 oz wads. I think the Green Duster would fit in that group, too, as it is listed as a WAA12SL replacement. I am not recommending this, and you should follow a published recipe. Mark
Here`s what I`m shooting:

Remington Gun Club Hull
Cheddite 209
17 grains Claydot
Green Duster Wad
1 oz. Shot

My Pro-Chrono shows velocity as 1200 fps , so it`s probably 35 fps slower.

This load is listed in Alliants` Load Data , but with Winchester 209 primer , and Winchester WAA 12 SL wad. ( which is Green Duster)

This load isn`t even close to being over pressure , shoots soft & clean.

I`m not recommending this load.

Call Alliant to verify if you want to. They are very helpful.

Regards , Pete
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I would email Ben at Alliant, he'll give you the information you need. He'll tell you to replaced the Rem 209 for the Cheddites.
I have been shooting 14 grn of Nitro 100 for years and love it as a soft and clean burning powder. Since I use WIN209, have to check the drop for Cheddite.
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