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Great deal on Made in USA 54" soft case!

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27 bucks, free shipping, and another 15% off if you use coupon code WEB15 (so it ends up at 23 bucks). They have other colors and some with embroidery for a bit more $ if you don't like the camo.

Pretty hard to beat 23 bucks delivered for a Made in USA gun case! These also appear to be the same soft cases Silver Seitz is offering now based on pics I saw on FB.

NOTE: I have zero connection to this company and am making nothing off of this, just through I'd pass it along for those looking for a soft case for their trap gun, just bought one this afternoon for my BT99 (I was trying to decide between this and an Ace Case (which are also made in USA and are very good quality), but this was half the $). I also have one of their cape buffalo/alligator shell pouches and matching belt that I'm very fond of.
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That's a smoking deal.

I have the same case in the brown color and it fits a 34" barrel Ljutic MonoGun with ease. I paid $35.00 for mine and thought it was a bargain as the quality was good.

For twenty-three bucks delivered, if you don't mind the camo pattern, it's a steal!

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Glad to have confirmation the size, a 52" case was an EXTREMELY tight fit w/ a flush choke and factory stock, and impossible w/ an extended choke, even this case might be a bit of a squeeze after I put the PFS on and if I decide to use the extended choke, but figured worse case I can throw it on the f/s table at the gun club and get my $ back.

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Another great American choice for affordable soft case:
I like them, have many and took the liberty to share this info from their web site.

A true mom and pop family operation, Bore Stores LLC began making their popular and affordable Bore Stores soft gun storage cases on the family's kitchen table in the rural Ozark Mountains in 1985. Today, they employ several people and have grown their operation while still holding fast to the principles of hand-made quality and small town values.
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