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Great Blaser service

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Received my F3 unsingle barrel back from Blaser. I had stripped the front locking screw on the adjustable rib. My fault!
Blaser replaced the damaged screw and cleaned the ejectors in a timely manner no questions asked, no charge. Andre also included a new hex tool for adjusting the rib.
Andre is a great resource and professional representative for Blaser.
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Guy posts something good about a company and then there is that one guy who has to crap on it. Good for you. Feel better now?
Nothing better for the constitution than a good, healthy, crap. That’s why doctors recommend a long walk at least once a day. They used to call that walk a constitutional.

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After years of competing with either Krieghoff or Perazzi shotguns I have finally switched to all Blaser. Main reason being quality of engineering and service. In my disciplines failure to fire is a loss and chips don't count. I cant be worried about if I have enough tape holding my trigger in on MX8s or a light primer strike on a kgun. With 1 1/4oz 3 3/4 dram 1350fps shells if its going to fail, it will. The team at Blaser are excellent at taking care of their shooters and providing guns that take serious punishment.

I dont post on here very often but i would like to provide an honest opinion for the brand. I still own many of big names but have stayed with Blaser for competion. Take care.

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