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I recently was given some about #7 cast steel shot...too good a price to pass up.

Anyway, the cast steel shot contains many fine steel spheres/dust that really causes issues with a PW375. It gets between the bushing plate and bottom plate and locks up the bushing plate so it cannot be rotated.

I then screened the shot with a simple kitchen screen/strainer and was amazed at the amount of small shot/dust that was in the shot. But, it still did not flow well...even at #7 size. The next step was to put the shot in a large flat bowl and spray it with dry lube graphite. What a difference. The steel shot flows and meters easily and correctly and is a pleasure to use.

I have loaded a number of steel target loads with this shot using steel wads and can really recommend it for skeet and shorter 5 Stand work.

If you get to use cast steel shot, it is cheap, and responds very well to screening and graphite.
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