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Grand shoot off- Doubles and Clay Target Championship

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Hi- are there any updates on the shoot offs for these at the Grand this evening?

Us Aussies stuck in lockdown need something to keep us keen!
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Aussie Dan,

Lockdown, you don't know the meaning of the word mate, I have not had a shot or smelt Gun Powder since the Boorawa ATA weekend nearly three months ago.
Mr Mudford is really keeping the Kiwi Flag flying, I told Justin to not invite him back anymore.

Release Trigger.
Aussie Dan,

I shot with Jarrod "Muddy" Mudford at the 2019 Grand, great fellow. Been staying in contact via cellphone messages, hope he does great in the Clay Target Championship. He has been shooting great Singles at this event. I hope your Aussie guys are shooting well too.

Mike* (MH*) from Victoria (Texas)
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