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so the renewal tag and registration for my wife's 8 year old car with only 35,000 miles on arrives in the mail today. The cost was $167.00 compared to $205.00 last year. Original registration for this car in 2008 was almost $1300.00.

Starting this year, they list an item by item account (32 total) of what the registration fees comprise of.
Some were blank, but I have no clue why they are there. For your amusement and education, here they are.

Base. .00

Air Account .50

Clean Screen .00

Clerk Hire. 4.00

Emissions. 2.20. All cars after age 7 have to have emissions tests every two years. They nailed me for two tests, last year within 12 months because I wanted to advance the registration date.

Cstars. .50

Rental. .00

E-470 fee 10.00. -

E470 is a toll road. Those that use it either pay a higher tolls if they are not signed up less if they have a sticker on the windshield that provides lower fees, but they demand a 20.00 balance in your account at all times for each car with a sticker. About the only time I use it is about a 10 mile stretch and it costs me 12.00 round trip. So even if you did not use it, they still hit you for 10.00 a year.

Highway 10.00

Late. .00

Motorist insurance database. .10

Emergency Medical Services 2.00

Bridge Safety surcharge. 18.00

Road safety surcharge. 23.00

Breast and cervical cancer Prevention and treatment fund. .00

County road and bridge 1.50

Motorcycle surcharge. .00

Peace officers standardized Training. 1.00

Pet overpopulation fund. .00

Plug in electric vehicle. .00

License plate material. .00. She has had her plate since 1984.

Other material. .00

Year tab material. .17

Month tab material. .00. No need for that now

Personalized plate. .00 we were supposed to pay that for every year we own the plate. Must have missed that one, or there is a time limit on this charge.

Diesel vehicle. .00

Registration other. .00

Speciality plate HUTF. .00

Speciality plate LSCF. .00

Transfer fee. .00

Wildlife Sporting. .00

Used to be once a vehicle reached a certain age, it was $35.00 minimum every year. A decade ago, we had a one term Democrat governor who raised taxes on everything, everywhere he could. He doubled vehicle registration fees twice during that 4 year term and nobody squawked about it. Wonder how the poor people manage? Why some of these things are on a car registration? I have no idea.

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Our stupid Democrats did the same thing here! Voter passed $30 tabs years ago, now it averages $70 with all the add on "fees"!! Taxes have to be voter approved but "fees" don't!

So now it $30 for tabs

$20 Fee for city improvements
$5 Fee for parks with the option not to pay
Numerous other Fees.

Then to top it off, WSP convinced the legislature that plates needed to be renewed every so often at the pop of $45 when we are TOLD "you need new ones".

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User fees and Licenses are still user taxes. They lower one tax and then raise license fees, hunting and fishing licenses, and recreational vehicle registration fees. You actually end up paying more. And where is all the money going?

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