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The first coyote I got yesterday I was sitting next to a big bush with my shotgun on a steep bank in a canyon bottom. I had my foxpro on the ranch road in the canyon bottom and I was about 25 ft up the 40 foot tall bank.

I started out using Adult Rat Distress and after about 5 minutes I switched to Bay Bee Cottontail. Anout 5 minutes later I switched to Jack Rabbit Distress on full volume.

A few minutes later I heard a coyote just above me huffing. These huffs were not loud and I knew the coyote was right above me on top of the steep bank I was sitting on.

I got up and was trying to climb the steep bank and I wasn't doing a very good job of it. When I got close to the top of the bank I saw the coyote's head looking right at me about 15 feet away. As soon as I got my shotgun pointed at the coyote's head, the coyote ducked down and disapeared.

So I took off as quick as I could to climb the last 8 feet or so of the steep bank. When I got to the top of the bank I could see the coyote running straight away up the hill so I shot him at about 45 to 50 yards away.

The 3" 1-1/2 oz load of TSS #2 shot instantly dropped the coyote but it was trying to get up so I shot it again and it was down and dead.
IMG_1148 by[email protected]/, on Flickr
It was a very big male coyote for around here. This wa the 4th coyote that I can remember getting at this location and all 4 of those coyotes came in from different directions.

A few stands later I was using my 243 Win and had a coyote that wouldn't stop ran right up to and around my Foxpro and head back out. The coyote wasn't in a hurry so I didn't shoot at it while it was running. When It got to about 200 yards out, it stopped and looked back.

My 243 Win with a Nosler 55 gr Lead Free bullet put the coyote down.

IMG_1156 by[email protected]/, on Flickr
This was a big female coyote.

3 or 4 stands later I had a coyote run up to about 20 yards from my Foxpro and then turn to my right so I dropped it with my shotgun using a 3" 1-1/2 oz load of TSS #3 shot.
IMG_1166 by[email protected]/, on Flickr

I had a good time but climbing these hills is not nearly as easy as it was just two years ago.
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