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A friend is wanting a good Stock Fitter for his new gun.

Can anyone recommend one in or around Indiana?


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Dennis DeVault in Ohio. Will cost you, but he is also better then good.
See Wenig at one of the big shoots close to you or if in a hurry it is worth the trip to go see them.
Thanks to all.

I think he found one.

Who did he find? I am in the market for the same thing in the same area???


If your in the central states Go see Dennis.
There are lots of stock makers, but if you really want a custom fitted stock--see Dennis.

Phil Berkowitz
He and his Son took a trip overnight out West a few states, where they were fitted to their guns, allowed to shoot as much as necessary, and all changes were made that were necessary, including cutting stocks, and shaving combs as necessary, and both were done for around $700.00.

I think they were both quite satisfied.

I'm sorry I don't know the gentleman who did their work, or his state of residence, but if you need to know, I can find out.

Were the guns refinished for that price?

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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