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Good Friday Calcutta in Wiscosnin

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Boxhorn Gun Club in Muskego is hosting a Calcutta and a 50 Bird Basket Shoot on Friday April 6th. This is Good Friday. Details Below.

Boxhorn Gun Club S90 W13960 Boxhorn Drive Muskego,Wi. 414 425 0337

100 Total Target event
50 16 yard targets
50 Handicap targets –23 yards for 16 yd scores of 46 and below.
24 yards for 16 yd scores of 47 and 48
25 yards for 16 yd scores of 50
25 yard Minimum for any ATA shooter who is currently at the 27 yard line regardless of your 16 yard score. We are not penalizing the good shooter we are just making it fair because we all know a good long yardage shooter is a better shooter than a short yardage shooter. The equalizer is the short yardage shooter who shoots a 50 has to shoot at the 25 yard line. This also discourages the practice of dropping 16 yard targets on purpose.

All purses are compulsory
$20 targets
$15 Jackpot
$15 Lewis
$10 Calcutta
$60 Total.

$1875 in Jackpot at 125 entries
$1875 in the Lewis at 125 entries
$2500 Calcutta minimum

$6250 Minimum in prize money with 125 entries!
Lewis pays 5 classes Ties Divide

Jackpot pays 40%, 30%, 20%, 10%
Ties divide

Calcutta pays 50%, 30%, 20% for 1st 2nd, 3rd

Calcutta pays Buyer 70% Shooter 30%

Minimum bid is $10 on the first bid per shooter and $5 increments on all other bids for that shooter. Example: Tom Trap wants to buy himself. His minimum bid on himself is $10. If no one else bids he bought himself for $10. If after he bid on himself Harry Handicap bids $15 now if Tom still wants to buy himself his next bid would be $20.

Limited to approximately 125 shooters
Calcutta Auction starts at 9:00 a.m.
All shooters must be pre-registered by Wednesday April 4th
A $20 non-refundable deposit is due from all shooters upon registering.
You will be able to register on line by March 10th and pay your deposit on line at that time also. Use the Good Friday Registration Form to register on line or print it to register by mail or in person at Boxhorn Gun Club.
For registration via the mail send $20 along with Good Friday Registration Form to Boxhorn Gun Club S90 W13960 Boxhorn Drive Muskego, WI. 53150.

Failure to pay the $20 prior to April 4th will remove you from the event.
Boxhorn reserves the right to change payout structure prior to shoot any changes will be posted by March 24th 2007

50 Bird 16 Yard Basket shoot also being held. $16 pays 1 in 10 majority which guarantees a minimum of a $50 return in Prizes.