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I seldom experience that any longer so when I do, I really appreciate it and like to spread the word.

After we moved to the condo in which we now live, I noticed that we experience more power outages here than in our former home, where the wiring was older and above ground. I worried about our electronics being damaged by voltage spikes even thought they were connected to surge protectors and data loss when they occurred while I was writing an article. So I bought two APC #BN4001 battery back-ups, one for this computer in my gun room and one for our entertainment hardware and wireless internet in our living room. They cost sixty-odd bucks apiece at OfficeMax and have power eight outlets, four with battery back-up and all surge protected, as well as Internet and networking jacks. This model offers 30 minutes of back-up power, which is all I need.

Last Saturday, the one in the living room started emitting a loud alarm and the TV and related components went off. When reconnecting them to the old surge protector got them up and running again, I contacted APC via email as both units are only about six months old, if that.

I received a reply very quickly with instructions for a diagnostic test that revealed the battery pack in the unit had failed. Within three hours of my first email, I had a tracking number for a new battery on its way to me. It arrived on Tuesday and I finally got a chance to return the old one this morning.

Accordingly, I highly recommend APC products.

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