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going to arkansas st shoot hotel /motel suggestion

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going to arkansas state shoot any hotel/motel suggestions
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All of these places are acceptable places to stay depending on how much you want to spend. I believe all give a shooter discount if you ask and all are within 5 miles of Remington Gun Club just off Interstate 40.

Days Inn - Lonoke 501-676-5138

Best Western - Lonoke 501-676-8880

Holiday Inn - Lonoke 501-676-7800

Hope this helps,

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If the above reply doesn't cover your needs, travel west on I-40 to the edge of North Little Rock. There you will find more places to stay and probably a larger selection of good food. It's only a few miles further than Lonoke.

johnpe thanks for the info
Go to Little Rock just 14 miles West. La Quinta Off of McCain Blvd. L.R also has some nice places to eat. Carry plenty of water. You will think you are in Hell!!!!!!!!! HOT HOT!!!! but good place to shoot.
While your at gunclub take a visit one day to MACK's Prarie Wings in Stuttgart. It is impressive and not far. jim w.
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