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Glen Park Izaak Walton - Merrillville, IN - 16 Yard League Status March 21

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Just when I thought we couldn't improve on last Saturday's results of 202 rounds, we topped it again. This past Saturday the trap range threw 218 rounds. That's 5,450 targets. We had 48 shooters join us. I noticed some new shooters, and some shooters returning after an absence. I observed that we have a morning crowd who get their rounds in, then go home to do choirs. There is the noon crowd that do the same thing. And then there are the late comers, who sometimes push us past normal closing. Interesting day.

Now for the 16 yard league update. We shot 38 league rounds Saturday, inching closer to the end. We can still have some surprises. Do the math and your own "what ifs".
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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