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Glen Park - ATA Shoot - March 3, 2013 w/Scores

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Glen Park Izaak Walton in Merrillville (NW Indiana), will host an ATA Shoot on Sunday, March 3, 2013. The program consists of 100 Singles, 100 Handicap, and 50 Pair of Doubles. Cost will be $21 per 100 plus $3 ATA daily fees & $2 ITA daily fees. Options will be available.

Shooting starts at 10 am, with squadding and registration at 9 am in the *** traphouse *** (main house is NOT open). The kitchen in the main house will not be open for this shoot, but will open for our April 7th shoot. However, we will have some donuts & pastries at 8:30 am. We will order pizza for lunch (OK, I've said it).

Pre-squadding is available in person at the traphouse on Wednesday & Saturday before the shoot. You can call the traphouse on Wednesday night or Saturday during the day at 219-942-3133, or call / text me on my cell at 773-744-1336. You can also email me, drop the XXXs. Check out the shoot program on our website in the "trapshooters" section.

The $100 Straight Bounty is in effect for the Singles & Doubles events for this shoot, as well as the $500 Straight Handicap Bounty.

Bill Radwan - Glen Park Izaak Walton – Merrillville, IN
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Good question. Somehow, that never occurred to me. I will ask the bar manager later this evening when I see him at the club.
I asked Bill M. He didn't say no, but didn't say yes either. He said it depends on how many shooters turn out. But he did say that if a Big cop asks, he most likely will open.
Big cop will be in Missouri getting new stock...
What are the odds! We have 11 shooters today. It's bright & sunny, 30 degrees. And someone runs them in the singles. Nice shooting Tom.
We knew that. Hopefully I'll have the results up on our website tomorrow, will link it here.
The winners from this shoot are posted on the trap page of our website (click on the above). Just click on to the archive of scores, and then to 2013 to see the winning scores of this shoot and our prior shoots.

From talking to the shooters, it looks like target presentation is back to normal. We shoot to the south and the position of the sun in the winter months makes it tough to see the targets, but not this shoot.

An interesting note is that only the short yardage shooters came out to shoot the handicap event.
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