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Glen Park 2009 ATA Schedule

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The 2009 ATA schedule for Glen Park Izaak Walton, Merrillville, IN is posted at the Indiana Trapshooting Association website (click the above). As other Indiana clubs make their 2009 schedules available, they will be posted at the ITA website.

For the first time since Glen Park has had ATA shoots (mid 90's), NO shoots were scheduled for January or February 2009. I imagine now that we don't have any shoots scheduled in -18 degree weather, like 2007, guys will be climbing the walls to shoot ATA in January & February. However, we will start up again in March. We'll bring back the same program, including the 100 straight bounty, sponsored by Mike Anderson Chevrolet of Merrillville, IN.

We also expect to have Cabela's of Hammond, IN come back for a 2nd year as a sponsor for our Fall Trophy Shoot in October. And we're planning on having the 2nd annual National Trapshooting Day Shoot in late September. I'll be trying to get sponsors for some better trophies.

Practice trap shooting during the winter months will remain unchanged: Wednesdays 5-9 and Saturdays 11-2 or 3 depending on demand. The bar will be open after shooting on Wednesday nights.

As usual, I'm always interested in constructive comments, or complaints. Comments I can handle, complaints I forward to those with a higher pay grade.

And for those that just need to get out and shoot, Griffith Ikes will be shooting on New Year's Day, 10:30 - 4:00 pm, practice, games and lunch will be available. I figured I'd get a free lunch if I gave them a plug.

Bill Radwan

Glen Park Izaak Walton