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Glass houses #2

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The other "Stones in Glass Houses" has pushed me to tell this story. There was a very wealthy fellow who traveled Europe for a year looking for the best of the best in antiques. He fell totally in love with a Kings Throne in one of the Baltic states and stayed in town for a week negotiating an agreeable purchase. He finally made the buy with the agreement the seller would finance, from the purchase price, getting it transported to the fellow's home town in the Hill Country of Texas. This agreement was the key since the throne was very large and VERY heavy. When he returned home, the throne was waiting for him at the local drayage business. He had it removed to his home and began placing it here and there for what looked good in his expensive and large home basically built with glass walls all around for views. After a year of failing to find just the right place, he finally had it moved to the attic where at least he could own it if not see it every day. Sure enough one windy day, the house collapsed from the weight of that throne in the attic; proving once again that "people in glass houses shouldn't stow thrones!".....Bob Dodd