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Getting the right bank !!!

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You can be a good or exceptional shooter,BUT, if you get a lousy bank, in my opinion you are SOL. Honestly, if you are shooting at some major clubs and you draw a stinko bank, save your $$ and go home you are way ahead of the game. It happened to me today.

Phil Berkowitz
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yeah, stick with that
I have seen well known shooters pay the $20 to resquad so they could get a certain or prefered bank ... I have also seen well known shooters just take whatever bank they got on the draw and go with it ... Different stokes for different folks ... WPT ... (YAC) ...
God forbid there be any weeds on the walkways, though!
If someone can't play the cards they are delt with then maybe they should just say home and let the rest of us play.

Thats one reason the shot 4 traps to a hundred and or drew bank numbers everyday so everyone got a even chance.
What is a lousy bank? Is this new excuse for a poor score?
Its always that uncut blade of grass adjacent to my trap that makes me want to pay to resquad!

Dandelions I'll do for sure...
Any Pa. shooters care to chime in on a famous bank @ Elysburg? Is it fair when some shooters get to shoot at sky targets and no shadows? While others have to shoot into dark green trees and tons of shadows.

Phil Berkowitz
Ya got me.I was thinking,Fidelity,TD,Citi,etc.. Guess I should attend one of these premiere shoots to see about this.

Doug H.(pa)
What a load!

IF you are seeing the background ... you are not really concentrating on the bird!
But, how do ya concentrate on the bird if ya can't see it against a bad background?

This is a very common pratice in Missouri. If you are not in the know there is a very high probability that you will be squaded on a less than desireable bank;ie, poor background, unstable wind currents due to hills and other obstructions. The regular club shooters who are in the know will never shoot on these fields.
Holy Crap!

Now I have something else to worry about! ;-)

I shot a 99 for GAH RU honors in Vandalia on the worst bank - #25 at the far west end.

If you complain about the bank selection, you've already beaten yourself.
You're right I was beaten before I started. My presquading was messed up & I was given post 1 instead of 4, I had an attitude. Dropped the first target. -- It was over ---should have gone home--I checked my squadding for next Sun---it will be better.

Phil Berkowitz
At any club holding ATA point awards having less than ideal "banks", EVERY shooter in competition SHOULD have to shoot all banks through a rotation system.

To stick those not in the know with tougher to shoot backgrounds just isn't a fair deal for an ATA competitive shoot in my not so humble opinion. Clubs could care less as long as the payment per post come through? Watching short squads shoot through (that could have used a couple or more shooters on your yardage) while waiting for your pre-squad number to come up is sometimes disgusting. You can wind up shooting all alone. So, you beat me shooting an ideal sun time, bank with the ideal background, with your full squads which is every day. Not exactly bragging rights or a fair deal in my opinion for a shooting contest.

I thinks the ATA should make "another" classification for those shooting on bad banks, they got one for everything else why not this also ..? They can give you a medal thats says "Bad Bank Shooter" so you scare off any of the big dogs or any other competition if they squad with you ... JMHO ... WPT ... (YAC) ...
Middletown's rotation works good.
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