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Just wanted to thank all that attended. (record turnout) We hope your visit

with us was a pleasant experience. We had them come from as far away as

Canada. Dave Adams, (Delegate) and his Big Pig Bar-B-Q crew fed

about 275+ on Saturday nite and it was some of his best work! Boone Butler and

Mike & Betsy Reed worked tirelessly to make it a great shoot. We'd also like

to thank the Evans family and South River Gun Club for doubling the size of

our camp ground and all the other great improvements that were made. The club

looked great. Thanks go out as well to all those who worked the shoot setting

targets, scoring, loading the traps, running score sheets, working the ready

board and cleanup at the end of every day. Thanks to Pat and the kitchen staff

for putting up with the constant crowd during the breakfast and lunch time

rush. Also a special thanks to Vivian Madkiff for feeding the GA crew on

Thursday and for the desserts on Saturday. I'm still dreaming about that

chocolate NY stlye cheese cake! Hope to see you all again next year. (and some

of you next week in SC)

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