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The production equipment is starting to crank up again in southern Montana after a brief hiatus to take care of family business. The latest offering from the "UNLOADER" is a pair of blonde bombshells with dial gauge bore micrometers built for 10 gauge, 12 gauge and 16 gauge barrels.




Marvelous Oregon Myrtlewood box with a bunch of fiddleback and a beautiful color "swoosh" surrounding a 16 inch 12 gauge dial indicator bore mic. The supply of this rare wood is becoming thinner by the day. Take this beauty home to your gun room or man cave for a one-time payment of $340.00 including shipping within the US.




For those perfectionists who absolutely need to check every inch of their 35 inch barrel, this 18 inch 12 gauge dial indicator device is housed in a bright burled beauty from the Western Big-Leaf Maple forest. She looks like she had a complexion problem when she was a teenager, but it's cleared up nicely. This set will serve several generations of firearm enthusiasts and will be your "mid-life crisis" for $349.00 including shipping and is SOLD.

If you would prefer a new fangled digital indicator instead of the analog dial head, add $50.00 and give Gary a few days to make the device to fit the custom box. If you already have one of these, consider using a little of your "extra money" to purchase one for your local club. They save a lot of headaches.

Payment by Paypal to [email protected] or by check or money order payable to Gary Bulley and mailed to me at PO Box 846, Selma, Oregon 97538.

We will ship these devices to international locations and will quote the actual and reasonable shipping charges after we know where they are going.

Thanks for looking, Mike Mann
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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