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FS SPIKES tactical ar15

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Brand new never fired, 16' mid length gas system, ordered from spikes with the Daniele Defence 12inch lite rail ( has low pro gas block) has there nickle plated internal package(bolt, trigger,etc) has ergo grip, troy flip up sights, lmt sopmod stock (250$ option) i have an acc flash hider that goes with it along with the one that came from spikes, asking 1,500 for rifle, Call sean at 302-602-172seven This is a sweet gun, and this company is great, i can send pics, must be sent to ffl , trades welcome, let me know what you got.
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I can send pics to someone and they can post them maybe, this is not a plain jain AR, this gun has a thousand dollars or more in extras, i am not trying to price gouge anyone, u can add it up
This gun was built by spikes tactical, its not a frankenstein gun, a list of whats on gun:
12 inch daniel defence quad rail with magpul rail covers (removable).
Ergo grip
Troy ind. flip up sites
Lmt sopmod stock
Knights armant forgrip and rail covers
Nickle boron internal (trigger, bolt,etc)
Ambidext. control (safety, fire)
Kns anti roll pins
AAC 3 prong flash hider included
Magpul 30 rd. p-mag with loop on bottom
Spikes custom case
Buyer has chance to buy 556 ammo at a good price only if they purchase rifle, up to 500 rounds, and have extra p-mags if want.
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Final price reduction 1,500$ , i have 500 rounds of ammo i will sell to buyer at great price, all trades considered, shotguns, handguns, etc.. Looking for shotguns though plus cash.
I got a 391 teknys
32" barrel adjustment comb trap model
For trade
Would you have any interest in trading for a Classic Doubles 101 28" 20ga O/U shotgun? If so, shoot me a message.

PM inbound.

Nice setup Sean. I am going to use a Spike's lower I found as part of my build.

Any chance you want to sell the case alone?

Gene in Illinois
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