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FS MX-15

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34",factory ct's,.723 bore non-ported,pull trigger,14 1/4 lop,cased,serial # 115XXX 4200.00

Gun Rifle Firearm Shotgun Trigger

Gun Firearm Rifle Trigger Shotgun


Gun Firearm Rifle Shotgun Trigger

Baseball bat Shotgun

Shotgun Wood

Shotgun Flageolet Musical instrument Wood Pipe

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Yes, my question as well, where are you located? Thanks, Mike....
Rocketdog is a left coaster near canucksville
Wash State I presume. Well, being a subject of the people's republic of Maryland I think a test drive is out of the question... Thanks, Mike....
And all this time, I thought he was a "Doctor of Micometry"
Well actually MIA I'm a practicing gynecologist....
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