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FS-Ithica Deerslayer barrel

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what model?
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I will list this again---

"For Sale an Ithaca Model 37 Featherlite ..26""Deerslayer Barrel-smoothbore--mfg from 1959-1987"----- the Deer slayer was a Model 37 shotgun listed
as "Deerslayer"---"Deluxe Deerslayer" "Super Deluxe Deerslayer"--------------------the Model 87"Deerslayer",and Deerslayer 11,made from 88-96----later they even had a Deerslayer 111 fully rifled,fluted barrel

Oh yes,they had a Mdl 66"Supersingle",known as the "Buck Buster"----63-78

My barrel,The 26" Ithaca mdl.37 Featherlite Deerslayer barrel is for sale---200.00,delivered USA 48

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P.S Mrs tj303,I am sorry I misspelled a wurd---I will rite ITHACA 100 times on the blackbord
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