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FS: Holland & Holland sxs Gorgeous! REDUCED!

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Nice older H&H sxs
Nitro proof steel barrels.
English grip, 30" barrels 12ga
Hand removable back action locks!

Refinished with deep bluing and beautiful case colors
Properly done!

A chance to own a London Best Gun at a reasonable amount of $

Treat yourself, you've earned it!

Serious inquiries only please

No unintending picture collectors
Asking $5900
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This left Holland & Holland with 30" barrels and 3" chambers!
I spoke with them about the build yesterday.
They were impressed.

This is a nice gun, and a great price. You can scour the internet all week and will be hard pressed to find a H&H double for 6k at all, and if you do, it will likely have cut barrels, 2 1/2" chambers, and sleaves. Not to mention worn bluing ect...

Finding one with factory hand detachable locks at this price point is nearly impossible.

The gun feels tight with, and without the forend on, and the top latch sits about center or a little to the right..

I bought this from a dealer a few years ago, and was told it was indeed a shooter, and the thiner area is in a low pressure spot behind the choke...He recommended rst shells and plenty of fun in the field or club

Im putting together an African trip and, have located a DR, and am selling to help finance that...

So, as I stated originally, it's a nice english best gun at a great price for someone who always wanted to try that....

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Accepting offers if someone is interested
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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