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For Sale: Hogue Overmold PillarBed Remington 700 Short Action SA Heavy Barrel 70810. This is the "ghillie green" stock that comes OEM on the Remington Model 700™ SPS™ Tactical AAC®-SD™

Hogue Remington 700 BDL Short Action Heavy Barrel PillarBed Stock. This will fit any Remington 700 Short Action with the BDL hinged floorplate. It will not work on a ADL (blind magazine) model unless you purchase the hinged floorplate separately. The barrel channel is for the varmint/bull barrel, but will also work for the standard barrel as well.

OverMolded Stocks are constructed by molding a super strong, rigid fiberglass reinforced skeleton or "insert" that precisely fits the guns' action. This rigid skeleton is then OverMolded with a durable but soft synthetic elastomer (rubber). During the heat and extreme pressure of injection molding the elastomer adheres chemically as well as mechanically to the skeleton, resulting in a permanent bond between the rubber and the insert. The super strong skeleton gives the stocks their strength, and the precise molded dimensions provide a perfect drop-in fit of your rifle or shotgun. The state of the art elastomer material used on Hogue stocks won't harden with age and is virtually impervious to all oils and solvents found around firearms, providing years of dependable service.

Hogue OverMolded stock features are so desirable they are being offered as standard equipment on precision sniper rifles and several famous rifle companies have entered into a licensing agreements with Hogue to use this OverMolded technology on their quality products.

$80 shipped in the lower 48, AK and HI additional shipping charge.
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