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FS Grand American Knife, BMW Knife, Buck Knife, Et

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The knives described here for sale are un-used, un-sharpened, and in very good condition. Thanks for the interest. Rick Gibbs

#1) Is a Cobalt brand 2008 Grand American Fixed Blade Knife with box and sheath. Blade is 4.5" long and has on the blade, "2008 Grand American, Neil Winston President" #10 of 109. $125.00 Shipped

#2) Is a BMW Motorrad Swiss Army Knife. Make in Solingen Germany. 2.5" Blade, 1 3/4" Blade, Awl, Screwdrivers, Can and Bottle Opener, Scissors, Pliers, and Leather Pouch. $125.00 Shipped

#3) Is a Buck Model # B183-CT-O Made in USA. 3" Lock Back Blade with Choke Tube Wrench, Bottle Opener, and Screw Drivers. Camouflage Sheath, with Liner Lock for both Blades. $60.00 Shipped

#4) Is a Remington Bullet Knife for 2008, "The Veteran". 2" Blade, and 2.5" Blade. $60.00 Shipped

#5) Is a Beretta "Classic Pocket Tool Kit With LED Light". 2" Blade with 9 tools and Including CORK SCREW! Nylon Sheath included. $40.00 Shipped

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts