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Clearance sale on chokes, stuff I don't use. Basically 1/2 off new price plus a couple bucks to ship depending on where you are.

Mobile Choke (aka Ber/Ben, MC)
Beretta $15 + shp'g
12 GA new - IC, Mod, Imp Mod & Full, 1 ea
20 Ga new - SK, IC, Imp Mod, 1 Ea
28 Ga new - Mod 1 Ea, Imp Mod, Full 2 Ea (not pictured below)

Briley $below + shp'g
12 Ga used - 1 Mod black oxide, 1 Light Full $25/ea, 1 Diffusion $45 sold pf

Invector + choke
Briley $below + shp'g
12 Ga used -SK, IC, LM 1 Ea $30/Ea

Browning Midas grade
12 Ga used - Mod 1 Ea $45/Ea

Escalade-Series-Drop-Point knife-Gray-Model-663-MID-322663 $40/Ea + Shpg

GraCoil® compression butt plate GC15LP model
An adjustable tension setting and adjustable pad plate, made to fit any shooter’s style with Length of Pull adjustment. Tension will adjust from 14 lb. to 70 lb. with a maximum stroke of 5/16”, producing a response time hardly detected, with no distractions between shots. The pad plate adjusts up or down and side to side with plenty of adjustment for comfort. Moving parts slide on Teflon liners for a smooth and trouble free motion.......... $200 NIB shipped, you save tax + Shp'g.

Angle Porting
- Trigger shoe Beretta 1/4" slot $20 solf pf
- Gas piston for Beretta 391 20 Ga. $45


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