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FS: BLASER F3 Single

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Wish to sell my almost new Blaser F3 Unsingle. 34", all factory choke tubes, factory case. Triggers recently upgraded at Blaser distributer. All parts and documentation. I fired the gun approx. 200 times and loved it; it was for wife and she decided on continuing with a lighter gun. Gun only shows evidence of use by very minor and typical dirt at breech face. No marks on metal or wood. Pad is not factory; I put on a thinner Kickeeze pad to reduce LOP and did not fit it. Factory pad, went on another of my guns..sorry, it was a 5/8" black Kickeeze btw. I never fit/grind the pads, I like the overhang for protection in the gunrack(s). (Sorry, gunsmiths!) I'm fussy. Only "flaw" is a small chip in the black plastic ID ring on the full choke tube. This made me feel really dumb; I was cleaning the barrel and bonked the end of the choke tube on a doorhandle! A klutz move...of no significance, really...but...still...

Gun has adjustable comb that is nicer than factory style; comb installed by Joe Shiozaki of JS Aircushion, Azusa Calif. Gun features a high adjustable rib in case you have not kept up on Blaser offerings.

Although an "Unsingle", many configurations are available from Blaser in O/U permutations. Blaser takes a modern "systems" approach; the action is the same used in their combo; takes any OU barrels in any gauge,takes any wood, and any forend made by Blaser. Sorta a Nikon Camera of guns or a "poor man's K-Gun"...with the K-Gun being the Leica of guns. My rough analogy, anyway..

The neat thing about Blaser is that Blaser barrels do not require fitting by a gunsmith. Also, the pull triggers are second to none and break crisply and cleanly at a measured 3.1 lbs.

I hope to consider all reasonable offers over $5000.00 shipped to your FFL. I note that dealers are asking about $5800.00 for "demo" F3 unsingles that are unlikely as fresh and new as mine.

I will be available for further information and pictures to serious buyers after March 9; will be unavailable Feb. 21 through March 9. I hope this post, at this point, gives "food for thought" for anybody looking for a high quality trapgun.

Thanks for your consideration,