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FS: 870 Field stock w/adj. comb

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870 Field stock for 12ga. Has my old style 4 way adjustable hardware, nothing fancy, but highly functional. Kickeez Sporting pad with LOP of 13 3/4".

$150 shipped to lower 48. Email my website if interested.

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Is this a cut out "870 Express" stock? Don't believe Remington ever sold anything like that -----
Yep, it's an Express that's been laying around here for a few years or so.
seems like it would be a nice stock for someones 870 slug gun
How much work to make this fit a 20 gauge 870? I'm putting together a few guns for new kids to shoot at our club. I know is is wider than a 12, but would it still bolt up? I don't need a perfect factory fit. Butch from Pgh
I've fitted a couple of 12ga slug gun stocks to 20ga 1187s.

All you need to do is use the stock bearing plate in the back of the 20ga action (basically a washer contoured to fit in the receiver recess) as a template on the face of the 12ga stock tenon. Then using very sharp wood chisels or if you have time to spare an X-acto knife set, slowly shave the outside of the tenon until it fits the action. Don't take too much off at a time. Don't reduce the length of the tenon. Don't worry about the trigger recess - it will fit. The width of the stock will match.

The main difference is with the top. The stock will stand up slightly above the receiver. I didn't bother to reduce the height of the two I did. It's not noticeable unless you look real close. If it bothers you, it can be contoured to match, but then you'd need to refinish it.

If Tron has a 20ga action maybe he'd do it for a fee?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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