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free brake fluid for shot making shot

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i am currently in the process of setting up a shot making system,and after asking on this site "what is the best coolant to use " the choice i made was brake fluid.mainly because you can rinse with water.i went to 3 local dealerships to inquire about used brake fluid,i talked to the service managers,and they took me to their brake flush systems,opend them up and the waste tank holds 5 gallons,the beauty of that is each manager said that the way the flush system works 40%-50% of the fluid in the tank was new.after every flush you have to prime the system with new fluid,witch ends up in the used tank upon start up of the next job.they let me have it for free.ended up with 12 gallons of litely used brake fluid.
also harbor freight has 20 gallon parts washers on sale for $ this is my tank/pump set up a with a little modifing(just a few plumbing supplys &aluminum window screen from menards). and a trip to my local resturant supply store for 2 french fryer baskets,and 3 large perforated bakeing pan(#6 shot wont drop through holes)and i have my rinse/drying/sorting system
total cost so far with a jim stewart single ladel is $500. hope this may help ,mark jones
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Be careful with the brake fluid. Most states list it as a hazardous waste. Before giving it to you , the service manager should have it profiled as Non-haz. Both you and him are potentially at risk (legally) unless the proper paperwork has been completed and filed. While it is well and good that you have been given this for a coolant, you and the service manager could be inviting a visit from the local environmental agency.
There are two types of brake fluid, ether based and trichloretheylene1.1.1. based. The trichlor 1.1.1. is an 'ozone depleting substance' fairly nasty stuff. It's prevolant in older vehicles. Due to the environmental laws though, all brake fluid is treated as equally icky stuff.
Make very sure that the waste brake fluid doesn't come in contact with anything even resembeling pool chemicals or bleach or even ammonia. Any combination will ruin your day...Long term... Be VERY carefull. I messed with these chemicals for a living for over a decade as hazardous waste specialist/technician. The potential exists for your whole day to be ruined.
Do your homework and be careful!
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