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FREE BEER AT the Wisconsin State Shoot

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If there weren't enough reasons to attend the Wisconsin State Shoot at their new home grounds! The board has anounced Free Beer, a Free Pig Roast is planned on Thursday from 5 to 10PM open to the public. Steve Wolf a local shooter has promised to Supply the Pig Roast with Free Beer! Way to go Steve free beer for All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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free beer in Wisconsin? Nobody will make it to the line. Bill
Actually, I think Don M. is paying for the beer, as well he should. He can afford it. If we have to put up with him, it's the least he can do:)

Dick Gries
The problem with some people like Don M. is when they aren't drunk, they're sober!
A few beers will help everyone get along, If we need something stronger I understand Ray gets the first shot and after that anyone can enjoy one!

Steve thanks for giving the free beer that really very generous of you, I think we will go though 100's of gallons, nothing this exciting has happen in Rome in a long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not only for the trapshooters, but open to the public!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here, let me call cousin Luther and tell him about this. He always liked free beer. Heck, he liked any kind of beer. Do you like beer?
We have 37 guys from Ohio coming.

Unfortunately, only 2 are trapshooters.
Free Beer!!!!!!!!the guy walks up and tells the bartender to line up 10 glasses up with beer, and the man starts drinking them as fast as he can pour them. The bartender says whats the big hurry buddy. The man replies if you had what I had you would doing the same thing. The bar tender stepped back and asked what's that, the guy replied free beer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone step up to the bar Steve will be buying!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is there enough beer in Wisconsin to supply this.
Guess I'll have to drive up there from Texas, yeah I know it's a long drive but I can drink a lot of beer LOL
What are dates of Wisconsin State shoot?
Wisconsin State Shoot is on July 16th to the July 21, they are telling us that everything will be completed, roads, campground, showers, water and all the traps and houses by the 16th, we will not have a club house but they are planning on using a big tent! It's a big place, and it looks like a lot to build in just four months...........and cool down that much beer!!!!!!!!!!!
Article on WTA in current TrapshootingUSA. Here is WTA website:
The beer will be gone before the shooters get to it. Free beer news spreads like wild fire around here. They will be lined up out to the road. LOL
I guess the women in Wis will finally start looking good.
Bisi. After that remark you might find out how well they can shoot also.
Your right Bisi, we all know the meaning of double coyote ungly, in wisconsin!
You wake up sober the next day and gnaw off your arm to get away from her and gnaw on the other one off to make sure it never happens again! You try your best not to whimper or flinch because you sure don't want to wake her up!
All fun aside, we have a lot very attractive women in wisconsin...
I heard thru the vine that that all of the camp sites are taken anyone heard any different? alex Kotter
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