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For Sale: Ruger 10-22 BBL.

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Ruger 10-22 barrel for sale. Shot a few times then installed a bull barrel on the gun for competition shooting. Like new. Rear sight was removed. Please Private Mail (P.M.) if interested. $70.00 to your door. Bill2
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If you have a lathe you can convert a standard Ruger 1022 barrel into an accurate bull barrel. Here is what I did:

I turned it down to .562" diameter and made an aluminum sleeve 1" dia x 11" long. I installed the aluminum sleeve with LocTite 638. Turned the remainder of the barrel to just under .500" dia. and cut it down to 16.25" long.

It shoots better than it did stock. Probably bcause the aluminum sleeve stiffened the barrel.

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That looks good and I'm sure will shoot as well as it looks. I must now look for a buddy with a lathe. Your idea is appreciated. Thank You, Bill
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