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FOR SALE: Perazzi MX-8 Sporting Barrels - $3100

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For Sale: 31.5" (80 cm.) Perazzi MX-8 Sporting Barrels (w/ Flat Rib).

> Top BBL.: 0.736 bore to 0.705 (-0.031 ck) |
> Bottem BBL.: 0.737 bore to 0.717 (-0.020 ck) |
> Wt.: 1.650 kg; 18.7 bore |
> #118XXX |

** Mint Comdition **

Asking $3100

Could use Perazzi MX-8 trigger. Partial trade considered.

Doug Hoste
[email protected]

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The trap and sporting barrels are ribbed similar.. only the weight and chokes are different...If this were a sporting barrel.. it would weigh more like 1.57 kg. Both shoot pretty flat.. Now.. Perazzi makes different weights for every barrel.. You could order a trap barrel to weigh 1.55kg.. and a sporting barrel to weigh 1.75 kg if you so choose to do so...

Really..alot is being made over nothing.. either you like the weight.. or you don't.. but the barrels are actually the same..
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