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SOLD - SOLD For Sale: MEC 650 Progressive Reloader in 12 gauge. Although this reloader is

used, it is in very good condition and perfect working order.

This machine has been cleaned, lubed and adjusted and loads a beautiful shell.

I loaded 50 AAs and 50 STSs just this afternoon and they all look perfect.

Comes complete and ready to load.

A completed shell with every stroke of the handle. Loads a lot of shells very quickly!!


MEC 650 Reloader with MECs Auto Charging Loading Cycle

Tray type Auto Primer Feeder

Shot and powder bottles

1 1/8 ounce bushing style charge bar (No powder bushing as I would have no idea what you were loading)

Spent primer tray

Downloaded copy of the MEC Owners Manual

A very nice, clean machine.

$135.00 + shipping. I will ship the most economical method with Insurance and Delivery Confirmation.

Email me your Zip code for a shipping quote. Payment to be made by Money Order, Bank Check or possibly PayPal.

Any questions, feel free to email me!


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