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For sale kx6-special

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I have for sale in good condition with normal ware a krieghoff kx6-special with factory adj butt plate
Luggage and bags Comfort Bag Couch Everyday carry
Brown Wood Textile Couch Luggage and bags
Musical instrument Musical instrument accessory Guitar Guitar accessory Wood
Hood Sleeve Netbook Wood Waist
Hand Hood Finger Bumper Automotive exterior
Camera lens Camera Digital camera Reflex camera Camera accessory
Hand Finger Musical instrument accessory Cameras & optics Automotive exterior
Wood Tints and shades Fashion accessory Musical instrument accessory Metal
Couch Output device Television Wood Interior design

Gun is right handed
Pull trigger
Lop 14 3/4”
34” bbl
Factory case with stock wrench and comb wrench , choke tube wrench.

3 chokes
LIM , F , IM

I’m asking $ 5895.00 shipped to your FFL dealer.

I’m happy to take additional photos or answer any questions via PM
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I own one of these and it is by far the best trap gun I have ever owned. I have never had more consistent scores until I bought one of these. My advice is buy it and keep making adjustments until you find the sweet spot. BTW, Krieghoff charges $500 extra for that adjustable butt plate. Mine is without the plate. You will not go wrong with this gun.
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That is a silver marker so I can set my shot cam I can take a alcohol wipe and remove marker . If you would like me to send you a photo I will . The barrel is in good condition. There is no dent .
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