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For sale, Colt AR 15 Pre-ban SP-1 reduced 2nd time

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Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha. I'm sorry, you will have to excuse me. For a minute there, I thought you said $3400..
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grntitan.......thats 3400 plus shipping and handling.
$950.00 gun for $3400.00 what a deal. Zimmie
I thought this price was outrageous also. I looked up the Pre-Ban Colt SP-1 carbine in the latest Blue Book of Gun Values and the value listed is over $ 2,500.00. So this particular model is apparently worth more than the new manufactured Colt AR's. YMMV!
Not that it matters, but the early SP1s pistolgrips did not have the extra finger rest. Also the knurled pattern in the pistol grip did not have "ridges", though this could be a camera quirk. Being a Colt, it will bring top dollar. Good luck.

Bob Falfa
The Colt SP-1 came with trangle shaped front hand guard and solid stock.

Please post a photo of the left side of the reciever at the mag well that will show the model and caliber on It.


this same colt sold at our local gun show for $3500 last Saturday. So you are In The neighborhood as for as price goes. I hope you sell this thing for your buddy. I'm sure there is a buyer out there.... Good Luck!
Back to the Blue Book of Gun Values again.

SP-1 Carbine (R6001) came with a 16 inch barrel, ribbed handguards, collapsible buttstock. Pre-ban serial numbers are lower than sp360200.

Nice Colt!
These pre 94 bans are definitely fetching the prices. In some states its the only way you can have the collapsible stock and threaded barrel. The early version metal collapsible stock is what separates this one from the herd. Very nice.
(Edit - The grip should be an A1 style, the A2 did not come out until the 1980s.) The buttstock is the correct enameled aluminum. The upper is an A1 "slickside", and the lower is a "flatside". It also has a 16" barrel instead of the 10.5" with soldered on 5.5" flash hider. This increases velocity and accuracy and reduces blast, though some collectors prefer the shorter barrel (same overall length, though).

That's a desirable CAR-15 version of the SP1. Whether it is worth $3400 depends on local market. In some states that only allow preban models it is quite desirable and worth the money. In states without a ban and cut off date, less so. In today's market, who knows? If it sells, it sells. And please don't compare it to a new rifle. You cannot compare SP1s to new Colts. The SP1s have long been fetching 50% to 100% more depending on condition. They are a collector model.

For more info on this gun, go to Retro Black Rifle, then click on Civilian Rifles & Carbines, then click on Colt R6001 / SP1 Carbine. Note that their serial number list cuts off early.
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Speaking of appreciation, a friend of mine bought a new one in the early '80s for $375 from a retail store. I remember the price because it wasn't much more than a S & W 586 I bought at the time.
B in O pretty much nails this.

I have the same carbine (and the rifle as well). Hand guard is correct for the carbine - rifle has the smooth triangular one.

The SP-1's did not have the forward assist or the brass deflector. Carry handle was integral. On the carbine the metal collapsible stock is correct.

Looks like the pistol grip on this particular one has been changed, but you can still find them at shows.

About two years ago Cheaper than Dirt had 'parts kits' for the SP-1 for about $600. These were missing the receiver, but were otherwise complete. (NOTE - without the Colt SP-1 receiver that was all the parts alone might have been worth at the time).

I do not recall who these kits were from, but I wish I had bought a few...
My question hoq much is it worth when the BAN Fails :) Id bet around 1100-1300 But thats the great thing about our country you can ask whatever you want ! Good Luck with the sale!!!!
VERY nice Gun But price is what the market will bear !!!There is an a$$ for every seat is the saying in the car business.
"My question hoq much is it worth when the BAN Fails"

Fails what do you mean Fails. The ban he is referring to started in 1994 and ended in 2003 it failed 10 years ago.

The AR 15 being offered in this post is the only type AR 15 that was legal all through the assault weapons ban. As far as I know it still is, I live in a state that still has the ban on assault weapons. This AR 15 is legal still here the Pre-ban (30 rounds) Magazine are still legal also.

Bob Lawless
Was at gun action same model, one used went foe $1275 NIB model went for $1675
Isn't it about time to post "SOLD" and pretend you found a sucker?

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