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First shooting clinic

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About three weeks ago I took my first shooting clinic with Phil Kiner. Wow what a great class. It is nice to know what I was actually doing wrong. I was shooting to fast, I was not set when I said pull, and was peeking with my closed eye causing it to take dominance (opening my left eye and shooting right handed). I got to my first ATA shoot last Sunday after the class. I improved my doubles by ten birds. I shot a 92 which it s really good score for my doubles. I shoot 3 over my average in singles 95 and shot about the same at handicap. The best thing about the clinic is the video showed me what I was doing wrong, not what I thought I was doing wrong. It’s going to be a good
Season I can tell.
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I’m unsure if PK does clinics in the east, but my club hosts Nora Ross every year and I signed up for a two-day beginner clinic, happening next month. I’m stoked. I know I have some issues but am old enough to admit to myself that - I don’t know what I don’t know. Reading positive comments from folks like yourself just makes me more eager to improve.
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