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My club was hosting a 3 day shoot last weekend. Saturday was 200 singles and a 100 handicap. There were a good number of really know good shooters from our state there. Anyways, after running my first 50 “which is only the second time I have done that” the wife came out and said she wanted to watch. I asked her politely to go back in the club house. I was in a zone and didn’t want anyone I know watching me. We then switched traps and i shot my next 50 straight for my first 100 straight. The guys I was shooting with knew were I was at didn’t talk to me; it was a real good squad. The last 5 birds were nerve racking, but what a feeling once it is done. I didn’t want to be the 99 straight and drop the last bird. I have a saying that I say when shooting in stressful situations “shot off, ect” I just keep saying spectacle, testicle, wallet, watch. It has nothing to do with trap shooting and make me not over think what’s going on. I ended up finishing the event with a 195 and won class B by 3 birds. I was mentally drained by the end of it. I’m a low class B shooter 91.5 average and was very happy with my shooting. Now I bombed my handicap that day, but to be honest I was done. Then yesterday I took co champ in handicap with a 95 and HAA for the weekend in class B. I took a clinic with Phil Kiner this spring and it helped me tremendously. I found out what I was actually doing wrong And found work arounds to help. I now carry a black marker in my shooting bag, because for some reason I like to bead check. My average has been climbing slowly since the clinic and Im pretty hooked on this sport.
1 - 20 of 40 Posts
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