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Fig 8 type wads

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Are there any advantages or disadvantages for the Fig 8 type wads, ie. Rem, CB8100, etc..

I am currently using CB1100 for 1 oz loads and wondered if there was advantage to using CB8100.
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It depends what load recipe you are using. The cb8100 is a taller wad and in some cases you might not get a good crimp depending on the powder you use and how much.
Reload mostly AA HS and Rem Nitro hulls. I would probably better off with CB0178's. They are probably shorter.
kc, It is just different designs from different companies, no design advantage. The CB1100 is a Winchester design and will work fine in your AA and Rem hulls.

" I would probably "

"They are probably "

Don't be a sucker for the wad game. For 1oz loads the CB1100 is all you need .
CB1100 & CB8100 are dimensionally the same for overall length and shot cup size. I use both and find no difference. The CB0178 are longer and work best for 7/8oz loads in Remington and Winchester CF cases. I do use the CB1100 for 7/8oz loads in the Winchester HS cases and achieve a good crimp but will get a dished crimp in Remington cases so I then use the CB0178 for them. Hope this helps.

Thanks Big Dave, exactly what I was looking for.
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