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fig 8 & 1 oz. ?

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i have been reloading figure 8 wads for over 20 years,but went to 1 oz. loads 2 years ago,still using a figure 8 wad over 17 grs. of reddot. some of the guys say the figure 8 is only for 1 1/8 oz. loads? 1 oz. of shot is over the top of the wad just like 1 1/8,does it matter? would a tgt 1 oz. wad be better? the price of claybuster fig 8, cant be beat. joseph
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I use claybuster tgt clones for my 1oz.

Doug H.(pa)
I use the 8100-12 claybuster 1 oz wad in gun clubs with either american select and now clays- 17.3+ gr. Nice load .Good results. also win 209 primers.
Take a look at the two of them,----the only difference is the length of the cushioning section. Rem used the TGT when they were loading a very dense powder, if you're getting good crimps and consistent loads why mess with success? Ross Puls
After 2 years you be the judge. The only one you have to satisfy is yourself.
Try the Claybuster Lightning (Windjammer) wad with the 17.3 of Clays. You will notice a substantial reduction in recoil, and great patterns. Good Shooting!
Bob Wegrzyn has a good idea there. I like the part about less felt recoil. HIt the link above and then hit testimonials. Sounds like an excellent short and mid range wad. I think I'll get a bag for the 1-1/16 oz I drop.
If the Figure 8 wad gives a good crimp with a 1 oz load, then you are good to go. I do the same with Bluedusters.
I use downrange,tgt copy,work fine with 1oz.
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