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### Fathers Day Gift Idea ###

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With Fathers Day less than a month away I just wanted to share a great idea you can do for Fathers Day that I PROMISE will be a huge hit. If your parents are like mine they have boxes and boxes of both black and white and color photos. Get a digital scanner and scan those onto a chip and you can go to Walgreen's (or any other place that has a photo shop) and they will take your chip and make into a a DVD with music, songs and make it GREAT. They will walk you thru it and is easy to do. The best part....IT'S CHEAP! About $20 for the first one and $10.00 for any others. You can do mugs, calendars, aprons, etc.....If you want to bring tears to your dad you MUST do this. I promise it will be a huge success. Get those pictures now and start scanning. We bought a "pandigital" brand scanner from Best Buy for under a $100.00 that comes with a chip. Scanning pictures is easy, plug it in and start feeding your pictures in it. Just make sure your chip is in! Amybe someone smarter than me can paste a link to Best Buy showing the scanner. Good luck!