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Up for sale is my Zoli Z-Gun Unsigle Trap.

34" Barrel

.732 factory bore

4 choke tubes. Full(.36con) Imp Mod(.27con) LT Imp Mod(.22con) Mod(.17con) and speed Wrench.

Dual wheel fully adjustable rib with lock down lugs. 30/70 (yes 70% of the pattern is below the point of aim) to 200% and possibly more.

tru-glo front site with cross site eliminator fin installed but easily removed.

14.5in LOP

stock is perfectly nuetral. No cast or toe out.

3 position adjustable, drop-out, and selectable trigger. 14in to 14.5in

Pull trigger

included 6 magnetic barrel weight that attach between the barrel and false barrel hidden under the for arm wood.

2 combs are also included. first one is wood to match the stock. the second is a vinyl covered wooden comb that is double the height of the uncovered wooden comb. this is NOT a soft comb.

all tools included, including through-the-pad stock wrench, adjustable comb wrench, and trigger/rib lock down wrench.

3 different hieght comb posts are also included along with 12 comb spacers.

warranty information is also included and has not been used for this gun.

all of this wrapped up in a very nice Negrini combo case.

Id rate this gun at a conservative 98%. yes it has been shot(roughly 2500 rounds) but well cared for with no problems. stock shows no marks that i can see and the metal is pristine and the action is tigh with the lever still waaaay to the right. As far as I know this is the only used Zoli Z-Trap on the market that i have seen.

Priced to sell at $4000 plus shipping. I'm pretty firm on the price as these guns are $5999.99 new. I can get more pics if your intsrested. BYG


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why would BYG SALE THE GUN he broke his 1st 50 with, and a bunch of 49's and 48's

oh I got it now he won too much $$$$$$$ with it, so its time to brake in a new one!

best of luck with your sale, should not be hard to sale a proven winner!

you made a lot of us beware of BYG and buy you and your gun at the shoots.

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